Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Do Burpees The Right Way

Are you looking to learn how to perform Burpees the right way? This exercise is great for a full body workout. In this hub, you will learn how to perform it correctly and not injure yourself.

Why Burpees Are A Perfect Exercise

Burpees have been adopted by many training programs to include Crossfit. If you've never done Burpees before, then you in for an awakening. Burpees are hard to do, they take a lot out of the body. They work core muscles, leg muscles, as well as arm muscles (if you throw in that push up in between). 
Problem with Burpees is that most people do them the wrong way. Improper way of doing Burpees can cause injury as well as a waste of time during your WODs. 
Learn how to do Burpees the right way by clicking on the video below. Make sure to pass it on because 90% of people do them wrong.

Overview Of Burpee Technique

The key is in the squat. Hardly anyone squats during Burpees. Squatting will prevent you from straining your back so that you avoid injury. Since Burpees are supposed to be done quickly one after another, it's very easy to hurt your back with improper movement. 
Squats are great on their own, so by squatting you are targeting your leg muscles to achieve the best results and get as much benefit out of each Burpee.

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